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    A prospective candidate has to clear the NATA examination which evaluates the candidate’s basic awareness in arts, science and general IQ. The online examination also tries to probes aptitude in visual communication skills as well creative artistic acumen. A successive candidate goes through tedious yet interesting program of study spanning over 5 years. Evolving elevated levels of aptitude and attitude for critical thought and action. The key components of the architecture education are interlinked to the basic attribute of conception and realisation of built environment. The critical clarity with which an institution approaches to deliver the cohesive whole in design education, dictates the philosophy of the institution.

    The academic program takes the candidates through an expedition were learning is not limited to the institutional environment or borders of a continent. The students explore micro/macro level parameters relating to habitat design and planning of cities and towns. They explore the built environments in detail comprehending the logic behind various naturally evolved human settlements, relating it to planned cities as well as trying to understand the stature of urban agglomeration and associated chaos of unplanned growth – the bench mark being the relevance of Time, Space & People. Such studio assignments also arouse in the students the novel personality of a researcher.

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    There’s an irresistible energy at Al Salama that brings people and ideas together—from the classroom to the campus and beyond.

    Al Salama presents a wide variety of opportunities to enrich students’ college experience including:  studio assignments; special conferences; field visits; guest speakers; leadership training; social, cultural, and civic events; and student organizations.

    Our various services, programs, and other resources will enable you to reach your personal goals and educational objectives.

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    • I appreciate that my professors are available for questions and are so willing to help.

      Fahmida Sherin
      B-Arch. 2014-2019

    • It is a privilege to study daily in our modern campus surrounded by such inspiring people. I am fulfilling my dream while creating unforgettable life experiences along the way.

      Ajith Krishna.R
      B-Arch. 2012-2017

    • I feel fortunate to be a student of this institution. We are blessed with very senior and experienced faculty as well as state of the art facilities with modern instruments on which students are allowed to work themselves.

      testimonial-photos-4Bibilal Vijayadev
      B-Arch. Passing Out Year 2017